Join us Sundays at 10:30am



Our passion at Calvary First Assembly of God is to connect with God in deep and meaningful ways, and bring to life the glory of Christ's love to the world through our Stockton, California, community. Our mission is to love God, love people and love our world by reaching up, reaching in and reaching out!

At Calvary First Assembly of God, we believe in living out a contagious and courageous faith that genuinely reflects Christ to our world. We welcome people to join with us from every background and every part of our community to come and personally meet with and experience the realness of Christ's love.

Join us for a wonderful celebration of life and find practical and creative ways to powerfully put your faith to work. We do this:

  • by creating a culture and an atmosphere of passionate worship
  • by creating pastoral care full of excellence and Spirit-inspired ministry
  • by equipping believers of all ages with interactive Bible studies, fellowship groups and ministry courses to give them tools and opportunities to engage God in personal ways
  • by training and mobilizing believers in their giftedness so they can thrive and engage others with Christ's love through personal ministry.

Our intention at Calvary First Assembly of God Is to follow the EQUIP Method of Ministry:

Equipping believers with Quality training and leadership life skills to empower an Unquenchable passion to share Christ with our world and Inspire a powerful daily lifestyle of courageous growth, contagious worship and deep personal relationships with generous service to others; Preparing believers for the epic adventure of making their lives a living irresistible testimony to the greatness of God in the power of the Holy Spirit!

We believe in a transforming life that explodes with creative life-transforming power to change lives and bring life to our world.

We want to everyday be passionately inspired to actively make our life count (EPIC) for Christ in big and small ways and connect, grow, serve and go!