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Remembering Pastor Jeff Etcheverry

March 23, 2013 | by: Terry Thornton | 20 Comments

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Pastor Jeff was a man of God who loved the LORD Jesus Christ with all his heart and selflessly served the Body of Christ at Calvary First Assembly of God in Stockton, California. Pastor Jeff was a loving, faithful husband to his wife, Kim, for nearly 30 years. He was a devoted, committed father to his son Jesse and daughter Katie.


We will miss Pastor Jeff. He loved to sing and would often sing during his sermon. He had an infectious joyful spirit and a humility expressed every time he prayed before preaching that he would “shrink unnoticed” so that God would be glorified. He was devoted to the study and accurate preaching of God’s Word and daily fulfilled his calling.

His life deeply touched our lives. Individually and collectively, we are better for having known Pastor Jeff as our shepherd, brother, friend and fellow laborer for the LORD. His legacy will remain in our hearts, our church and our community.

 Pastor Jeff’s desire was for all believers to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to do God’s work.

As an eternal resident of Heaven, Pastor Jeff is now exalting the LORD our God and worshipping at His footstool. So to honor Pastor Jeff's memory, we exalt and worship the LORD, because He's worthy. We exalt and worship the LORD, because He's to be adored. We exalt and worship the LORD!

So “exalt ye the LORD our God, and worship at His footstool; for He is holy.” – Psalm 99:5


Harris Lieberman says

Mar 30, 2013

I'm having a hard time imagining Jeff not being with us any more. Such a loving, spiritual, compassionate man leaves us all with so much that it's like he's never gone.
Some people are part of your every day, some even part of your very lives.
Jeff became a part of me.
I'm sure St. Peter took a break last Friday so Jesus could open the gates himself.

Jim & Jerry Overstreet says

Mar 30, 2013

I believe the comment made about the Lord needing Jeff is more accurate than we might think. Could it be that Jeff would be more effective by His side than perhaps he was here with us? Thinking of Jeff this way somehow makes what has happened easier to bear. Surely it is our grave loss to not hear or see him anymore. Personally, I'll miss trying to figure out how to lower the fat content in the biscuits & gravy that he loved so much. Kim watched what he ate like a hawk & I couldn't sneak anything past her!
Jeff's memorial should be a time of celebration. Celebration of a man who spent his life loving & sharing the love he had of our Lord with everyone. As bright a star as he was for us, how he must shine now as he shouts "Praise the Lord Almighty" & "Hallelujah" in the heavens.
Kim, Jesse, Katie...we love you & thank you for allowing all of us to share this time of grief with you.

Christine Gray-Hankins says

Mar 29, 2013

Kim, Alice, Kelly and Family;
My prayers of peace are prayed for you today. I was looking at your church website and ran across a sermon and viewed the video sermon "Adding Credibility to your Creed." POWERFUL sermon. I had never heard Pastor Jeff preach and I am glad the Lord led me to see this particular sermon.

Pastor Miguel Ruiz says

Mar 29, 2013

For the family of Pastor Jeff, today your Pastor, your husband, your father,and a dear friend. Rests in a place called beautiful, was separated from this secular world, was separated from political views, but always biblically correct. Separated from his body, but never separated from God's presence. Romans 8: 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Dede Muhlbeier says

Mar 26, 2013

Jeff has been my supervisor for the past year and a coworker for 5 years and has had an indescribable impact on me. He loved his Lord first and his family was icing on his cake. We here at DCSS are here for his family forever. If you need anything Kim, Jesse, & Katie we are here.

Kimm Richey says

Mar 26, 2013

It seems my tears will never end for the loss of such a cherished friend. My heart aches for the loss of such a great man and the pain his family must now be in. I can only image how much the Lord must of needed Jeff to have taken him from so many of us who also needed him. I pray for comfort and peace to his family who he so loved and cherished as they now must move through this earthly life without him. I know he is up in heaven telling wonderful stories and bring smiles to all who are near him as he did here on earth. He is greatly missed already.

Kim, Jessie and Katie words will never express or relay the comfort I would like you all to have in this time of loss. Jeff would say how blessed he was each day to have each of you as his family. I know he loved, cherished and was proud of all of you. I hope that will comfort you as you move forward. Should you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.

Kimm Richey

George & Linda Tovar says

Mar 25, 2013

Kim, Jesse and Katie

George and I are so deeply sadened over your loss. Jeff was "A Man of God"
who preached the blood. He was available at any time to speak scripture into you that gave comfort, and encouragement. I know this because Pastor Jeff was there "every time" I called him crying, asking him questions about death and asking him to pray over me because of the pain that I was going thru over the death of my grandson. I just spent this evening listening to a few of the sermons on the internet that Jeff preached and I would encourage everyone who can to please listen to them also. When a sermon is given thru the Holy Spirit to the people it makes no difference when you hear it, it will minister to you. Kim, Jesse and Katie thank you for sharing Jeff with us, and for encouraging and supporting him. He truly ministered and blessed me many times and I thank God for using him in my life. I can't even begin to imagine the excitment, joy and SINGING that is gong on in Heaven right now. Just thinking about it makes me happy. We Love You and are Praying for The Entire Family.

Reuben Deal says

Mar 25, 2013

This man gave me such hope in the Lord after going through difficult times. He was a man after God's heart and seemed to pray unceasingly. It's hard to believe that he has gone, but I remember his jovial character, humor, and joy as if it were yesterday. Those memories I will never forget. I can only imagine how Christ welcomed him into His kingdom, so glorious beyond understanding.

Brenda Picetti says

Mar 25, 2013

When My sister-in-law invited me to church for the first time whne I moved to Stockton. I went and I felt something there. Then after a month after I started going to Calvary First Assembly of God. And at that time Pastor Jeff was doing the sermons and preching. After a month of going to church and getting to know people. I became a member of C.F.A.O.G, I met the pastor and then his family, and they are a blessing to me. Now I am involved with the Women's Minstries and going to start up a Celebrate Recovey. I have only been going there for about 8 months. Thank you Pastor Jeff for opening the doors though Jesus Christ. I will miss you. Kim, Katie, and Jesse, my prayers go out to you all. Love you all.

Stu & Marlene Burruel says

Mar 25, 2013

Dear Kim, Jesse and Katie,
We send our love and deepest prayers to you. May God wrap his loving arms around you and give you His peace that passes all understanding. We will forever cherish the good memories and great laughs we had with Jeff. He was truly a man of God. We love you.

Eva Fitzsimmons says

Mar 24, 2013

During the short year and a half I attended church I absolutely looked forward to Pastor Jeff's sermons, no frills, all truth from the Bible. He is now with his Father, and will be missed by us until we meet him again in Heaven.
Eva Fitzsimmons

Vicky Page Munoz says

Mar 23, 2013

So VERY SORRY for your loss of Jeff.
I remember meeting you all in Slater, MO
& praying for you to be granted children.
I will be lifting you Kim, your children
& your church family in prayer.

Deborah Saniatan says

Mar 23, 2013

You keep Praying and I'll keeping Healing! Loving words last spoken to me by my Pastor! It was my honor to see you become Sr. Pastor. As I Loved your Preaching even before that. I hold dear fond memories of you. We will see each other again. Words spoken a Promise of Our Lord & Savoir Christ Jesus. Your wonderful Family will always and forever remain in our Prayers!

darwin benjamin says

Mar 23, 2013

I have no words - He is an incredible MOG who loved and feared God. His life was transformed by the Spirit of a living - loving God! Thank you Jesus for me meeting him!

Michael Wright says

Mar 23, 2013

Kim, Jesse, Katie
In the struggle of life we often forget the goal, to see our Lord and Savior. Wide is the road and narrow is the path that leads to him; It is so easy to stray and hard to return. Jeff was never conflicted in his faith and won many victories. The seeds he has sewn will be watered by others. I know as humans we always mourn what is our loss, but it is His gain. He sits on the right hand of Christ at this moment having all of his answers to life, seeing his Lord and Savior. I mourn his passing but envy him his joy in meeting his Maker. May Christ hold you in his hand as you seek Him in the days to come. Have strength. None of us knows our time. It is ours to be human and have faith sometimes with pain and suffering. Valerie and I are sorry in Jeff’s passing. Jeff and I had started praying together. The miracle is that Jeff was healed from the cancer; but, Christ wanted Jeff with Him anyway.
We, Jeff and I, prayed about the movement in the land that we could feel towards Christ. I witnessed his joy in his leadership responsibilities. Jeff helped me to regain more of my faith.
Please know that we are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need us.
Michael and Valerie

Lauralee Southern says

Mar 23, 2013

Pastor Jeff was a gentle soul who cared very much about others. I was so happy to hear that he had become an ordained pastor. It was a great day when I found out. He will be missed by many. I love the fact that we know where he is and that is rejoicing in Heaven. Praying for Kim, Katie and Jesse. Sincerely, Laura Southern

Valerie Wright says

Mar 23, 2013

When I first moved in next door to Jeff and his family I was broken inside. Every time I saw Jeff out front he would tell me that he was praying for my husband who was very ill. At the time, I was so cynical that I just felt like no one understands his brain disease and healing would never happen. Gradually with Jeff’s persistence and Jesse’s, Katie’s, and Kim’s kindness I started seeing hope and started working on helping my husband to help his own health even more. Jeff never quit praying for Mike and today Mike is even able to go to our shop some; no more hospital bed here at home. I am going to really miss Jeff’s beautiful smile and encouragement that he gave so freely every time I saw him. I love his family to pieces.

Sandy Altheide says

Mar 23, 2013

You will be missed.. Praying for your family...

Anthony Arinaga says

Mar 23, 2013

From the first in-depth conversation I had with this man, to the last firm embrace when I told him I loved him, Pastor Jeff shared the love of Christ, his belief of the redeeming power of the Holy Spirit and biblical truths. I will miss his use of the King James, hymns, and the healing mission of Christians as well as his smile and the way he adored his wife and kids.

cooley says

Mar 23, 2013

Pastor Jeff will never be forgotten! He will be missed dearly but knowing he is with our heavenly Father dancing and singing old hymns we can find peace! Prayers continue for Kim, Katie and Jesse! All of our love, Matt & Heidi Cooley

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